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Following the recent GDPR provisions, it is no longer possible for e.g. Parents Associations to continue using the old methods of communications such as a class email. Parents now have to officially opt-in to what type of information they are happy to have shared within a group.

Classlist is a parent portal to which all RSPA members are invited to join. Please note the portal is not available to non-members. Once a member you will be assigned to a group containing other members of your son’s form class. Members can send messages to individuals within the group as a whole or individually, and to all other members of Classlist individually.

It is also possible to create groups on Classlist. A particularly good example of how this is beneficial is when the boys attend trips. All those on e.g. the French Trip can come together and share information and it’s also very helpful in reuniting all the kit which comes home with the wrong owner!

The RSPA will be delighted to welcome you into its “Event Helpers” group. Here you will be informed of any events that we are organising and if you are available to help in any way we will be delighted to hear from you.

If you are an RSPA member and have not received your invitation to Classlist please check your junk mail as they can often be found there. Failing that please do not hesitate to contact the membership secretary at who will be delighted to send you a new invitation.

Reading school Parent portal

Reading School’s Parent Portal. Login here to review attendance, reports and achievements.


Payment portal for food, trips and exam materials.