Do you work for one of these companies?

Many large companies have pots of money that they actually want to give away to charities like ours – they are just waiting for us to ask. A few parents who work for Microsoft and Vodafone have kindly managed to secure Corporate Matching from their company, simply by filling in a form online and asking the RSPA to provide a letter confirming their participation in the event, which we were more than happy to provide.

We are truly grateful to the parents who have helped us raise funds, as these have helped us achieve many fundraising goals including the MUGA, Canopy and our departmental campaigns. We are very keen to find other parents who may be able to help us raise extra money in this way – for very little effort. Staff don’t usually have to be heavily involved in the fundraising to be considered eligible – just helping out at an event, such as helping sell tea and coffee is often sufficient. Recipients usually don’t even have to work for the company full time to be entitled to take part.

The link below shows all the companies we know that offer Corporate Matching. However, this is not exhaustive and new companies are added all the time. If your company does not appear on the list please drop an email to your HR department.