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The RSPA receives even more donations if you sign up to the following websites:


The Giving Machine

The Giving Machine enables a percentage of the product price to be converted into a contribution to the Reading School Parents’ Association which will be used to further help the school.

There are over 2000 retailers participating in the scheme and whatever you buy it will cost exactly the same if you buy directly from the retailer or through The Giving Machine.

Companies participate in the scheme because it creates loyalty amongst their customer base and helps promote their business models of Corporate Responsibility.

All you have to do is sign up and remember to use the website or App when you are online shopping. Signing up requires a name, email address and password (chosen by you) – you DO NOT have to provide any bank details.

Please click on this link to join


Easyfundraising works in exactly the same way as The Giving Machine. The reason we align ourselves to both schemes is we found that it is easier for people to just switch their cause if they have been used to using one of the schemes at e.g. their primary school than having to set up a new scheme.

You can sign up to Easyfundraising via the following link:

amazon smile

In 2018 Amazon launched a charity shopping site which offers everything their main site does with an added bonus that a donation goes to your given charity every time you shop. The Reading Parents Association is a nominated cause and costs nothing to you to use as an individual.

Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of eligible purchases. It is the same products, same prices and same services that you get from using the main site.

To set up Amazon to donate to the Reading School Parents Association please use the following link