Learning Resources Centre

The Library (known as the LRC) is a very busy part of the school. It provides oveR 1000 boys with good reads and books to support learning, careers books and books on further education, comics and laptop loans.


Library Book Recycling project

Each term the RSPA consults with the LRC to establish which books the boys would like to see more of in the library. They are popular titles and many of us have copies on our bookshelves at home. Maybe you are having a clear out and could donate some pre-loved books to the school? Please donate by dropping books at the LRC and leaving a note of your son's name so a bookplate can be added.


Wish List

You can donate directly to the LRC by purchasing one of the titles on their Amazon Wishlist. The book will be delivered directly to the school and a bookplate with your son's name will be added.


Library Laptops

The School have asked if the RSPA can continue to support a continuous refresh of laptops and help towards an overall target of 30 laptops in the LRC. Our current aim is to provide an additional 6 laptops. They cost £500 each and come with a 3 year support contract and are the first computers in the school to run Windows 10 and have access to the applications utilised by the school.