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New Starters

Welcome to the membership section. Here you will find the application form and also our handbook which explains all about the RSPA. We have tried to make the handbook as comprehensive as possible. In addition, below, we have listed some of the questions we are most commonly asked. If you cannot find the answer to your query in the handbook or have any queries regarding joining the RSPA then please do not hesitate to contact our membership secretary Kirsty MacInnes at


Where can I buy uniform?

Uniform can be bought from:

  1. Stevensons

  2. Hawkinsport

  3. 2nd Hand Uniform Shop

Where can I buy labels for my son’s uniform and PE kit?

RSPA recommends Easy2Name for your label needs.

My son has lost his coat. What do I do to find it?

  1. Make sure that all items your son brings to school are clearly labelled with his name.

  2. If your son loses anything, encourage him to look for it in the lost property cages or, for valuable items, to ask at Reception.

  3. Join our team of lost property-sorting parent volunteers.

    Each half term a group of parent volunteers sort through the lost property cages and return labelled items to their owners via their Form Tutors. With the exception of coats which are stored for two uniform shop openings, unlabelled items are either sold in the uniform shop or if unsuitable, donated to charity. If you can help with lost property, please contact us.